“Pool of death for England” – Sir Bill Beaumont confirms Rugby World Cup draw changes

World Rugby Chairman Sir Bill Beaumont gave an insight into his decision-making processes regarding the Rugby World Cup early draw and the plans for the men’s next tournament, which will be held in 2027.

The World Rugby Rankings released recently brought to light the apparent absurdity and bias of the Pool Draw of the Rugby live World Cup 2023. It was determined three years ahead of time.

The decision to announce the pool for 2023 on the 14th December 2020, almost three years before the World Cup France in 2018, was widely criticized. Sir Bill Beaumont admitted that the announcement had been a mistake.

It was decided to make the draws early because the cities were certain and the teams knew where they were going.

In order to learn from these challenges, Sir Bill Beaumont has stated that he intends to make improvements in the future. Sir Bill Beaumont said, “We will look to delay the pool draw to the latest possible time to ensure that there is more consistency in the distribution of teams.”

Sir Bill Beaumont acknowledged that one pool would always be tougher. However, the goal for the tournament in Australia in 2027 is to determine the best timing of the pool draw in order to increase competition. When we travel to Australia we’ll be trying to see how late the draw can go.

World Rugby is aware of the concern raised by the early drawing for the Rugby World Cup 2023 and has committed to making changes in future tournaments that will ensure a competitive and balanced playing field.”

The guys at , Eggchasers Rugby have created their own 2023 draw based on World Rugby’s current rankings.

It is significant to focus on just the 10 top countries of the world.

The pool was different, with England being given a much tougher test. Click here to watch the entire video.

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